Elizabeth – Therapist / Pilates Teacher
Dip FTST IIST IHBC IIHT – Reps Level 4

Introduced to therapy when I was just a young child and I grew up watching some amazing work involving treatment of animals, mainly horses. At the age of 15 (1984) I started work with people.
I am lucky that I realised from a young age what I wanted to do in life and I have been fortunate enough to follow that career. I had my first Clinic when I was just 18 years old.
I have been a therapist now for 22 years and still love everything about it. I will never cease to be amazed by the body and its ability to self-heal or self destruct.
My ethos and work ethics are to give the best, to everyone I treat and to continually update and improve my skills, to learn from the best and help to educate as many people as possible to live a healthy and strong, physical and emotionally balanced lives. Understanding that everybody is an individual and each body will respond differently, to everything.
I realised in 1996 that therapy alone was not enough, it didn’t have all the answers to create the balance for ‘whole body’ health and so I went on to further my knowledge as a Personal Trainer/Sports Therapist to improve the strength and healing ability of the body and mind. That has lead me on a journey to build a way to help others take control of their lives and to empower others to know that they CAN.
Pilates is a massive part of my life now and it is a holistic way to work with the body and mind together. Neither can be separated from the other and both need balance to allow the body to function effectively.
Paramount to all of this is what we put in our mouths. We need to use the correct fuel to keep the system flowing perfectly. Our body is a direct result of what we have done since childhood and what we do now on a daily basis. We are lucky that we own our decisions and we can make and change those decisions in an instant. Therefore, an unhealthy decision can be turned on its axis in an instant, but long term change takes constant practice until it becomes a habit. That is where we may need the Personal Trainer to help and support us as we go through this process.
If I was asked to describe what I feel makes my life so amazing, it would be passion, dedication, enthusiasm, striving, learning, study, application. Not to mention my two beautiful children, my lungs heart and all that I am!
I am qualified in:

  • Sports Therapy
  • Personal Training
  • Classical Mat Pilates
  • Childrens Fitness 5 – 16
  • Spinal Touch Therapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Nordic Walking
  • Level 3 Assessor in Active Leisure
  • 7407 Adult Education C&G Teachers Award
  • REPs Level 4 Excercise for Low Back Pain
  • First Aid at Work

To find out more about my services & to visit my website click here


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